Friday, February 14, 2014

New Year . . . First Post

I've just returned from blogger sabbatical and here we are in mid-February.  No excuses. . . just needing a bit of discipline and motivation to write something interesting.   With that said . . .

Beautiful and simple handmade Valentine for that special someone.

Quite the opposite of our  February Valentine customs, the ancient Romans celebrated the Parentalia festival to commemorate and appease their dead.  February 13 marked the first of the eight day remembrance when a Vestal Virgin began the ceremony by pouring a libation at the home of the dead.  During these eight days all temples were closed, there were no fire offerings lit on altars and marriages were banned.   Mourners would gather at the family tomb located outside the city walls.    Personal prayers were offered, sacred rites were performed and simple offerings were made at the tombs. Violets were placed on all the graves, a ritual known as the "Violet Festival."  

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