Sunday, August 13, 2017

On the needles!

It's too hot to knit . . .but I'm still motivated and loving these two easy projects, a "beginners" triangle shawl thanks to Iknitwithcatfur.  The other is a simple cowl pattern from Ravelry.  Casting on with Punta merino and Isager alpaca. 

 Gedifra merino and angora yarn

Clean, natural, non-toxic make-up!

I am intrigued with the new natural, clean cosmetics that are quickly gaining ground.  But are these products worth the hype?  My transition to safer, non-toxic cosmetics has not been without flaw but I will attest to fewer skin problems since using these products.  For reference, I have mature, dry skin and the only moisturizer I use is Skin Medica's Rejuvenating Moisturizer purchased from my dermatologist.  I've not found a natural facial moisturizer with adequate antioxidants that can match this product.  

It's been a hit or miss for me in the natural makeup arena.  I found these items below suitable for a soft, put together everyday look.  Natural lipsticks have been tricky due to the citrus oils and beeswax ingredients.  As of now, I have not found a blush that rivals the silky application of YSL or the wear time of Cargo! 

Alima Pure Pressed Powder Foundation with Rose Hips in Dune,  Kosas Lipstick in Undone, Lily Lolo Black Mascara

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sonoma County!

Discovering the beauty of living in Northern California's wine country.  Retirement is not so bad!