Sunday, June 9, 2013


Collagraphy is one of my favorite techniques for creating interesting and unusual art.  This art form was taught in a design class I took several years ago.  Collagraphs are created by applying material onto a flat substrate such as plastic, paperboard or wood.   I used yarn to shape what looks like fiddle head ferns.  I then glued the yarn shapes onto the substrate.  Once the glue dried completely, I applied printmaking ink pigment onto the textured image using a roller and paintbrush.  Next, I centered the imaged substrate onto a wet sheet of 140lb watercolor paper and positioned the paper on the print press. The final result is a collagraph.  I used green and yellow gouache on the final image for interest.  Lace, yarn, saran wrap or fine wire mesh can easily be molded to create interesting shapes or images.
Collagraph, Fiddle Head Fern (Abstract Study)

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