Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Mourners

2011 marked the end of a challenging year. In late December I visited the Legion of Honor to view "The Mourners," an exhibit of 56 carved marble figures of grieving monks from the Dukes of Burgundy tombs. Pictured are just two of the figures, one seemingly lost in thought or prayer and the other weeping.

Mourning is a collective experience, common to all people and all moments in history. Ironically, the first week of the 2012 new year, I too, became part of the mourning procession as my step mother, who was two weeks away from her 90th birthday, passed on from this earth.

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Mary Catherine said...

Chris, what a beautiful memory of our mother! Thank you for sharing. Her smile will be missed by all! The mourning statues are beautiful and truly heartfelt! I love you! Your sister,
Mary Catherine